Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Pants, The Movie

I once had to make a service call on a piece of equipment at NSA headquarters.

The actual apparatus was used for testing semiconductors, nothing secret about it, all the semiconductor manufacturers used the exact same model.

I had to bring proof of citizenship and ID to the gate, and an inventory of everything in my service kit. I was accompanied at all times throughout the building. I was searched on leaving.

(Which led to a problem - my inventory sheet listed a floppy with a software update, but the goofballs back at the plant had forgotten to pack it. I spent a very uncomfortable several minute explaining to an armed guard why I didn't have something I was supposed to have with me. Just to leave.)

And Sandy "Pants Load" Berger gets to waltz out of a secure facility with top secret documents stuffed into his crotch. I don't get it. Why wasn't he under constant survailance?

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