Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Heretical Thoughts (No. 1 in a series)

What's so good about Glenn Gould?

I just tried listening to his version of the Goldberg Variations, which only confirms my earlier opinion from his English Suite.

He chews over every note like a piece of overcooked liver. Tasteless, lifeless, slow and torturous playing. Anal retentive, dragging, constipated and painful. As dead as a human MIDI file.

And it's not like he was the first to play Bach on a piano. A lot of people have played Bach on the piano. Bach played Bach on the piano. Listen to Edwin Fischer for an example of a lush, emotive, romantic and moving interpretation of the material. Gould just sounds like a robot. A boring robot. I don't get it.

Seriously, somebody email me if they have an explanation.

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