Monday, April 26, 2004

The Real Kerry Scandal

All the commotion, waffling and spinning about Kerry's medals is obscuring a much more serious scandal.
(What was it he did again? Did he throw his medals over a fence, somebody else's medals, his ribbons? He threw up his ribbons? Whatever.)

In May 1970 John Shitstain Kerry flew to Paris and met secretly with the North Vietnamese.
It's hard to imagine how that couldn't be construed as treason.

Throwing his (or someone's) medals is a disgraceful, repulsive, dishonorable act. But it doesn't begin to match the treasonous, disloyal, illegal and unconstitutional meeting with Amerca's enemies in time of war.

It's one thing to have been anti war, another thing entirely to actively collude with the enemy. Kerry doesn't belong anywhere near the Whitehouse. He shouldn't even be allowed into the country. Send him back to France.
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