Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Big Kitty Cats

Found this advice over at Kim du Toit's place:

The general advice to avoid being eaten by a mountain lion is to travel in groups. If you encounter a mountain lion by yourself or with your children, stop, make yourself look as big as possible, and pick up small children and put them on your shoulders to make you appear even larger. Aggressively defend your position. The idea is to deter their attack by making them think that it isn't going to be easy for them. Pick up a branch or a rock to help fight them if needed. They are just big kitty-cats, so you don't want to appear as smaller prey to them. In particular, running away makes them think you are prey, and will encourage an attack. Yell for help by screaming "cougar!" or something similarly specific rather than just help!.


Well now, I think hitting a poor widdle putty tat with a stick or a rock is just too cruel. And shouting will just hurt their little pointy ears.

Kitty cats are playful little fur balls, and can't resist an opportunity to chase a toy or cavort with their friends.

The best way to protect yourself from a cougar attack is to pack your pockets with catnip and always keep a small length of string with you. When you see a cougar say "here kitty kitty kitty" and dangle the string enticingly. Soon your new furry pal will be purring and rubbing against your legs, the big softy.

Note: some people have reccomended rubbing tuna into your hair as a further gesture of friendship.
This is a terrible idea. Cougars are natural environmentalists, and will refuse to eat tuna because the fishing industry kills so many dolphins.

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