Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Dhimmi Follies

Lee Harris wrote the following in his Tech Central Station article today:

Suppose that last week's attack had not been the work of terrorists, but the work of the United States. Suppose American jets had flown over Madrid on Thursday morning and dropped a scattering of bombs on the commuter trains, killing and maiming the exact same people who were killed and maimed in the terrorist's attack. Suppose, further, that President Bush had subsequently announced that Spain would be subjected to further attacks if the Spanish voters did not vote as he wished them to vote.

I generally agree with his point, but I think this analogy has a fundamental weakness.

The case he makes involves a concrete demand, from an identifiable entity (the US) of known strength, and the ability to apply an overwhelming level of force should its demands not be met. For the given case it would not be irrational or cowardly for the Spanish to accede to the demand.

In the actual case the terrorists exploded their bombs and sat back while the Spanish lined up like good little dhimmies and voted for what they hoped would appease the Islamists. Which is entirely more cowardly, craven and morally bankrupt than Harris' example.

The Spanish deserve to lose the respect of civilized peoples everywhere. They have allowed themselves to be stampeded on to the side of anti-civilization, slavery and oppresion.

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